Instructions for Hotel Cleaning: She and her team make sure every task to be completed perfectly, taking care of every costumer. That's why they have a lot of clients and a great reputation, spreading their business all the time. With time, Sally concentrated her business on cleaning hotels. Every task is big and requires a lot of work but they are real professionals and always finish their job on time.

Instructions for Vegetables Hidden Numbers: This game looks very tasty. This is because the game is composed entirely of delicious fruits and vegetables. Some numbers are missing from these vegetables. We have to find all the hidden numbers immediately. There are a total of 10 episodes. Pause key, a return to the menu. Spend time with nice relaxing music. Good luck.

Instructions for Rescue Squad: This group of tourists wanted to visit this exotic place but no one in the group knew that precisely the area so after a while they lost themselves in the mountain. And yes, the panic started. People were wondering if someone could help them, what to do, where to go. After some time team of professionals came at the place.

Instructions for Essentials Hidden Objects: Here we are with a basic hidden object game. No difficulty in this game, have fun and enjoy. You will find 20 bonuses and 20 objects. Do not erroneous clicks if possible. Hurry up to get a high score. Found objects into shadow. We will call this shade inside. Enjoy the game, accompanied by great music.

Instructions for Polar Star: Miriam on the other hand is a very curious girl. Her curiosity has turned her into a big adventurer, leading her to different parts in the world, always searching for mysteries. Or let's say more precisely, this girl has become so obsessed with the mysteries that she decided to visit even the Antarctic, looking for that specific diamond known as the 'Polar Star.'

Instructions for Sakuma Nature Reserve: Currently Judith's job has taken her to the peninsula of Sakuma. She is here for the first time and she needs to start her exploring about the quality of the natural environment there. Judith has to find out if the conditions there are satisfying and if there is a chance the endangered species that live there to survive and perhaps to have satisfactory life.

Instructions for My Dream House: I need to earn money for it. Can you help me? There are a total of 10 levels in the game. You can monetize this section. You can buy garden, wall, roof, cottage, doors and windows. Also you can find a star, square, round hexagonal, triangular.

Instructions for Holiday Room: We're on vacation right now. And we have a lot of work on this holiday. You ask why? Because we have some difficulties. E.g; We lost some belongings. We do not know exactly where they are. But we must find them immediately. Have fun.

Instructions for DIFFRIENDS: In the game, you get both the graphics and relaxing music. There are 7 differences in this game. These differences will find quite enjoyable. But there's one thing you need to pay attention here. They avoid making erroneous clicks. There are 5 level in this game.

Instructions for Caravan Interior: This is very messy inside the caravan. But you can collect it. You do not have much time for it. You only need to find hidden objects. not very easy to find them, but quite enjoyable and fun. This game is for you. Let's start playing.

Instructions for ALPHANUM: In this game, we will find alphabet and numbers. Sometimes they will be in both. The colorful graphics are quite eye-catching. The legend landscape pictures. Here we will find a total of 20 objects. But the objects are hidden pretty well. Have fun.

Instructions for Toy Shop Checks: Imagine you are in a toyshop. This shop has all kinds of toys. And their numbers are quite high. Now we have a duty. That is: some toys and we have to find our missing them. Blackboard will help us. Follow the directions up to the results. Good luck.

Instructions for Weather Hidden Objects: In this case the weather is important. However, we noticed that some of the lost items. Your task is to find them. Look around carefully. Because some animals are missing. We must find them before the evening. How can this be? First look around.

Instructions for Kids Play School Checks: Many toys in the playground. There are so many toys. Some of them have been lost. All colorful and eye-catching. very fun to play with them. But there is a problem. We have to look at the list thoroughly. There is everything in writing. Have fun.

Instructions for Family Picnic Hidden Objects: What a nice thing to do as a family picnic. The weather was beautiful and the birds singing. There are many things in our picnic basket. We will eat the appetite. However, there are some problems. Some foods are missing. I have found them immediately.

Instructions for Winter for Fun: Skiing is one of the best sports ever. From one hand because of the mentioned environment, but on other hand because of the complete total-body workout that this sport gives. Only by finding all of them, you could move into the following level.

Instructions for Outdoor Hidden Objects: There is much to be discovered in the world. These natural wonders around us. However, we need find them. This game is exactly for you. Be ready to explore 4 different geographies. In each section you will find 10 bonus. Have fun.

Instructions for Fruit Shop Checks: We want to go visit the fruit market? Here's all the fruits. Let us just what we need. However, we have to act according to the list. But the list is sometimes lost. We have to look carefully for it. All objects need to know as soon as possible.

Instructions for After Holidays: This is actually the plot of the following cleaning hidden game. The holidays are over and what is left behind is a terribly big mess in the house that has to be cleaned up. You'll be helping by cleaning each scene that is actually a different room that is all totally unclean.

Instructions for Sport Shop Checks: There are a lot of things in sports stores. Among these things it is impossible not to get lost. But some objects are missing. We have to find them in a hurry. We need to get it done before closing shop. Good luck.

Instructions for Sunday Morning: The mouse will be the tool for playing the game, observe the whole scene and once you spot some of the wanted objects, point at it with the mouse cursor and click on it to select it. You select the hint option on the same way too.

Instructions for Restaurant Checks: You have come to the restaurant to eat. But what is it? Here is so crowded. All you need to recover more items. For this "hint pad" can work for you. You only need to look at. After much easier. Let's find all the objects soon. Have fun.

Instructions for Hidden Inspiration: If you like, you could play the game using your fingers on the touchpad, of course, if you have a laptop, and you like to play like that. We hope that you will have enough inspiration to get to the end of the game. Have fun.

Instructions for Flintstones Hidden Alphabets: Everybody loves the flintstones. This time, some of the objects in the scene losses. However, all of these objects an alphabet. Our job starts here. And finding all the hidden letters game to complete as soon as possible. Have fun.
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