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Swan Differences
Welcome to the swan themed difference game. In this game we find 10 differences between 2 pictures. These differences are placed in the left and right pictures. There is also a lens to help us. In this way, we can find the differences more easily. The pictures are mostly from inside the house. The differences we need to find are household items that we are used to. In addition, the colorful and eye-catching images doubles the game pleasure.
My New Home
Strange things continue to happen since we moved our new home. Each room of the house looks different every time. Sometimes the locations of objects change. Sometimes they disappear. Therefore, we need your help. We need to find out which items are displaced in this house. We numbered lost items. This way we can find the losses and get rid of this trouble. You can also earn extra points if you find 10 butterflies.
Colorful Cafe
As someone who started to work in a colorful cafe, I am excited for the first day. Because this cafe is very special, everywhere is colorful. But when I came to work this morning, I saw that the tables and the surroundings were very messy. I immediately got to work to clear the mess. However, there are so many scattered items that it will take time to collect. Now we have to go to work and find the lost items.
Kitchen Life
Kitchens are one of the places where we spend the most time in our lives. Not only for cooking, but also for socializing and chatting among family members. The kitchen of this house is not modern in style, but very useful. However, there is an obstacle to its usefulness. Some of the kitchen utensils have been lost and we can't find them. There are 10 of them. If you help us, we can find them and uncover them.
The Mysterious Airport
3 friends wanted to go on a journey with their planes. They went on many journeys with this glider type plane. But this time things got a little confused. A surprise was waiting for them at the airport where they landed. There have been some strange events in this place before that seem quite mysterious. When the treasure hunters came here to search for treasure, they heard it. Our heroes agreed to do research, collect clues. Now, in turn, everyone would tell the others what they had heard.
The Sheriff's Daughter
Sheriff, the most beloved person in the town, suffered a major illness. He can't go to work like before. The deputy sheriff appointed in his place is not very well-intentioned. Not much loved by the town. But the sheriff's daughter is different from the others. It draws attention with both human side and social skills. He's proved to be a good detective with his latest case. The townman filing a complaint complains that some of his belongings have been lost from his home. Now let's go to the crime scene and do an investigation.
Snowy Season
When the winter season opened, the hotels in the holiday centers started to fill up. All the guests are on holiday. Separate feeling of nesting with snow. It was very enjoyable to relax in the hotel room after skiing. But strange things are happening at this hotel. Some customers started complaining. The items in their rooms were lost one by one. Two officials from the center were assigned to investigate the subject and they reached the hotel this morning.
Grey Room Hidden Objects
As an architect you don't always have to design colorful rooms. Sometimes you can sign different designs. For example, you can design spacious environments where the majority of colors are in shades of gray. In this game we are in such a room. There are various toys and things around. Very nicely decorated. But we have a problem. The landlord said some of the things were lost. Finding these must be our first mission.
Ghost Train
We wanted to take a train ride in winter which is the coldest season. We were planning this journey to last long. At first everything was very nice. Food, landscapes, chats were very enjoyable. Everyone was respectful and sensitive to each other. However at the end of the second day something unexpected happened. The train stopped suddenly. Despite the cold weather, everyone got off the train. But when we got back, some of our objects were lost.
Modern Bedroom Hidden Objects
We are in a bedroom which is fully furnished with modern elements. This room has some items that need to be repaired. When the landlord called us, he mentioned something strange. Some things disappear suddenly. Now I'm going to try to figure out how these things disappeared like a detective.
Relaxing Garden
We have a house on a beautiful island. We are surrounded by seas and the weather is very nice. The birds and trees of this island are very exotic. It is our greatest chance that our house has a garden. We usually eat in the garden, chat. Sometimes there are minor setbacks. For example, the other day I noticed that some of the items were lost. A friend of ours said he would help me with this. Now we expect him to visit us and find my things.
Finding 3in1: FarmHouse
Can 3 different types merge in one game? Yes it is united in this game. We find objects or numbers and find the differences. But the beauty of the game does not stay here. For a farm we need some animals (goats, sheep and calves). These pups are adorable. We collect points to buy these animals to feed. They will be fed with care by us. In each segment, if we can be fast, we can earn five stars.
Businessman 3
We are here with 3 games of the business people series. In this game again, we will find the differences in the visuals that contain pictures of our charismatic businessmen. It is a head relaxing game with both colorful and relaxing music. The game is simple. We need to find 7 differences before we spend too much time. As you are already a professional player, we are sure that you will play without difficulty.
Finding 3in1: DogHouse
It is a great behavior to make a dog shelter and protect it from external factors. In this game we will build a dog house. It won't be a big hut. There are some conditions for this. Get points in the game and collect gold coins. So we can build a house for our little friend. Not only will you find objects, but you will also find differences.
Detective Cengaver: Lost Artifact
The media recently speaks of a very important theft incident. A valuable vase was stolen from one of the major museums. When the team assigned to find this vase failed, the famous detective Cengaver was assigned. The detective appointed by the governor himself: "I promise to find this historical work as soon as possible," he explained.
Dining Room
We gathered with all our friends for a nice dinner. The food was very tasty and satisfying. We had fun and chatted with all our friends. At the end of the meal, I suddenly noticed that some of my things had disappeared. It was difficult to call because the room was so crowded, but I was able to find one when the crowd collapsed. I need to find the other missing items immediately. They mean a lot to me. I have to start by looking under the dining table.
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