Instructions for Farm House: You must find all hidden numbers in funny farm. Assess your observing skill by finding the hidden numbers which are in the Farm House pictures. Avoid clicking unnecessarily as otherwise your score will get reduced. Good luck and have fun.

Categories: Hidden Numbers Games (Games2Dress)

Instructions for The Night Intruder: Young Jacob didn't have much; sometimes he didn't have anything at all. He was a decent person but the poverty has forced him to begin doing some bad things. Could you please help Jacob get some money and leave the place staying unseen?

Categories: Hidden Object Games (Hidden4Fun)

Instructions for The Hidden Park: In the depth of this park, there is another smaller part that is successfully hidden from the regular visitors of the park. This small park is called the hidden park and you could get there only if someone that has already been there before, is taking you.

Categories: Hide and Seek Games (Hidden4Fun)

Instructions for Antique Shop: Maybe the plot of the game is not as the most of the games, but the instructions definitely are. You have your mouse and to select those objects, point at the object with the mouse cursor and click on it with the left mouse button to select it.

Categories: Picture Search Games (Hidden4Fun)

Instructions for Right on Time: The following game is exactly about one traveling salesman. This man is invited to take a part in this conference that takes place in the neighboring town. He decides to take a train, ne knows the schedule and everything...

Categories: Seek and Find Games (Hidden4fun)

Instructions for Repairman Matt: Matt is at the place, together with his tools, and first thing he should do is to figure out where is the actual problem, what has lead to this failure. In order to discover that, Matt has to explore all the rooms around the elevator that are related to it the electricity...

Categories: Online Hidden Object Games (Hidden4fun)

Instructions for Family Portrait: The game will actually be a hidden object game where you'll be looking for the belongings of the ancestors. They are all spread in the four levels of the game and every level is a different scene that needs to be explored. Have fun.

Categories: Finding Games (Hidden4Fun)

Instructions for The Island of Memories: Now Steven comes back on this island with one little bit difficult aim to find the buried box and remember those days spent on the island, together with his parents. The challenge is big since he could not predict if everything is same there as it is in his memories.

Categories: Hidden Object Games (Hidden4Fun)

Instructions for The Perfect Offer: Antiques are something that we'll deal with in this game. The main character of the fame is a world known antiques appraiser that is on a mission to assess the value of some very old objects. Good luck.

Categories: Online Hidden Object Games (Hidden4Fun)

Instructions for Mysterious Flight: Great thrilling hidden object adventure full of mysteries, puzzles and brain teasers. The pilot finds a folder that contains secret information and now his life is in danger. Help him unravel the mystery of the missing plane and search for the evidences. Good luck.

Categories: Hidden Games (Addroid Game)

Instructions for The Clocktower Mystery: The inhabitants of the village are accustomed to set their clocks according to the clock tower and they really miss the sound of the tower now. The police together with detective Mark are in the village and they want to find out who has stolen the mechanism.

Categories: Online Hidden Object Games (hidden4fun)

Instructions for Guess the City 2: Think well before you take any step, think about your answer because in case that you miss it, you will actually come back into the previous level and start it all over, as many times as it's needed to finish the whole game. Good luck.

Categories: Seek and Find Games (Hidden4Fun)

Instructions for Dreamland Find Objects: I have a dream. And I see a fiary flying to me. "Welcome to Dreamland" She said. I will guide you through this dream and lead you back to reality. I find my self fly out from this dream. And then, another place wait for me. Have fun.

Categories: Finding Games (Bigfishgames)

Instructions for Midwest Murder: The area that has some of the richest farming land in the world, known for its corn and cattle. In 2012, Missouri was 9th all over the country for cotton production and 4th in rice while Burley tobacco is cultivated and 'air cured' along the central River.

Categories: Picture Search Games (Hidden4Fun)

Instructions for Barcelona Apartment: Pablo Picasso, Joan Miro, Salvador Dali, Enrique Tabara, and many others have lived there some time ago while Jose Carreras and Montserrat Caballe still live in Barcelona. All of that was more than enough for the Taylors to decide to go there and buy the apartment.

Categories: Hide and Seek Games (Hidden4Fun)

Instructions for GingerFred Find the Numbers: This time there are twenty different hidden numbers in the picture, perfectly concealed. You are supposed to pass this difficult test which comprises four levels, by utilizing the smart hint system as well. Have fun.

Categories: Hidden Numbers Games (hidden7)

Instructions for Pleasant Room: Hiddenmania has just released a brand new game where your challenge to find the hidden objects in pleasant room. In this room the objects are totally unplaced. So it is not easy to finding object. Can you find it? Let's go. Good luck.

Categories: Image Search Games (Games2Rule)

Instructions for Dark Foreshadows: Near the City, there is one old abandoned ranch where a group of voodoo fanatics is doing their regular things. They actually perform their everyday rituals on that place and according to the state, it is not allowed to do that since it is concerned as an illegal act.

Categories: Hidden Object Games (Hidden4Fun)

Instructions for The Secret of the Lake: She doesn't know that this whole adventure is actually planed and directed by the husband so she can't even imagine what will happen next. Let's take part in this interesting romantic story and see how this surprise will end. Have fun.

Categories: Online Hidden Game (Hidden4Fun)

Instructions for The Golden Mask: Detective Steven has been hired to solve this important case. All night detective Steven was looking around, searching for some important clues that could be a useful trace for finding the criminal but it seem as he was very neat in his acts so he didn't leave anything behind.

Categories: Hidden Object Games (Hidden4fun)

Instructions for Hidden in Rome: Once you start to play this free addictive hidden object puzzle adventure you'll find it difficult to stop. Discover the mysterious places of Rome and help the photographer to solve puzzles, spot differences while playing this original hidden object challenge.

Categories: Hidden Object Games (online-game-city)

Instructions for The Haunted Grave: Following the stories that circle in his family, Jim Carson has been looking for the location of this grave for 10 years. After so many years, he finally thinks that is on the right track, finding coordinates that lead to this place. Good luck.

Categories: Finding Games (Hidden4Fun)

Instructions for 5 Cleaning Tips: The game actually has five levels and before each level you get a text with some important cleaning tip, how can you clean up your apartment faster and easier. This tip can be used on the level that comes after the text since you will be solving a hidden object scene next.

Categories: Hide and Seek Games (Hidden4Fun)

Instructions for My Monster and Me: Enjoy 6 colorful hand-illustrated stages, each artistically created and packed with unique hidden objects! Three different modes of play! 1. Normal mode, timed, limited hints and exciting bonus rounds. 2. Casual mode, nice and relaxing experience.

Categories: Online Hidden Object Games (differencegames)
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