Instructions for Modern Bedroom Hidden Objects: 10 objects in my game and disappeared. They are listed below. We need to find these objects as soon as possible. In this way, we can win more stars. We also need to find 10 gold coins. In this way, we can earn more points. Have fun.

Instructions for Relaxing Garden: Consider the various trees, animals, garden plants, home appliances and various items. We need to search for some of them. These are given to us at the bottom. Totally 10 pieces. As soon as we find it, we can collect the most stars. We also need to find 10 gold coins. Have fun.

Instructions for Frozen Land: This would be a huge step for the humanity and that's why Ernest feels really responsible and likes to make everything right. The terrain should be prepared perfectly so he and the other members of the crew could work unimpeded, without worrying if something could o out of control. Let's help together in this mission because its results could mean a lot for all of us.

Instructions for Finding 3in1: FarmHouse: Object, Number and Different finding games are now in one address. You can also buy goats, sheep and cows with gold that you collect. You need to collect all the bonus money to earn more gold. You should also pay attention to time. Have fun.

Instructions for Westray Station: Alan, Matthew and Nancy are three passengers that were in the train when it suddenly stopped. Of course, that was the Westray station but this was one of those situations when the train driver didn't have any other option so he had to pass here. Since the train stopped, the three passengers left the train and took a short walk around it..

Instructions for Finding 3in1: DogHouse: You can win these gold by playing this game. Our game collects 3 different categories in one address. There are very nice animations in the game. It has a structure that will cheer you up. We hope you will like it. Please recommend this game to your friends. Have fun.

Instructions for Businessman 3 Differences: This game is also quite fun like the others. The game consists of 5 episodes. We are trying to find 7 differences in these parts. The game is not so hard. But he wants some attention. All you need to do is focus. This way you can finish the game. Have fun.

Instructions for Household Movers: You can have the best looking house in the world, but if you don't have the best person next to you and the best life with that person, you can say that you only have nice looking walls. In modern days, people don't go house moving all alone, but they hire moving home companies, and the job is easily done. Why don't we ease the things when we can?

Instructions for Detective Cengaver: Lost Artifact: It was clear yesterday that a artifact was missing in the city museum. Officials say this artifact is very valuable. In the researches; it turned out to be a work belonging to ancient times. Museum director: This artifact is very important to us. We will find him absolutely. Contact with a very famous detective continues.Have fun.

Instructions for Dining Room Hidden Objects: The surroundings are colorful and spacious. Of course, the food at the table is delicious too. We will look for some objects among this delicious food. These objects are objects that disappear in the room as you guessed. Of course, by adding 10 starfish, we will add a different flavor to the game. Have fun.

Instructions for GingerFred Hidden Numbers: A total of 20 hidden numbers are stored in the picture. These numbers are pretty well kept. Sometimes the same as the ground color, sometimes the same as the grass color. However, master players like you will find these numbers easily. Time is important and try not to make mistakes. Have fun.

Instructions for Businessman 2 Differences: You like this kind of games very much. This is the 2nd game in this game. You played the previous game with pleasure. It's colorful again, fun again. All you need to do is as simple as ever. Just focus on the differences. There are 5 sections in total. Time is important in this vote. In terms of points. Have fun.

Instructions for The Wonder of Babylon: Azar arrives in Babylon and he is kindly surprised of the view, not only of the treasure, but of the people he sees. They are very generous and allow him to choose objects he likes and to take them with him, as a sign of a good will and as souvenirs. This is not some very difficult assignment for you, isn't it? Good luck.

Instructions for Mystery of The Bayou: A team of explorers is invited in the region to explore the legend more in details because the great mystery is not definitely solved yet. The local residents of the place like to know for sure if the monster really exist and they were the ones that invited the team. Have fun.

Instructions for Garden Search: Our houses are just like that. There are living areas decorated in the garden. These areas are covered with too many objects. Some of them may be lost. We need you to find them. Experienced players like you will find these items and place them in their places. Without forgetting the time limit. Have fun.

Instructions for Wooden House: This wooden house is both peaceful and modern. But there are some oddities in this peaceful house. For example; some items disappear during the day. Sometimes it takes a long time to collect them. But an assistant like you does not leave me alone in the matter. What you need to do is pretty simple. Have fun.

Instructions for Traditional Differences: The city was built with them. Here we will try to find 7 differences between these pictures. These differences are hidden with great skill. However, fewer professional players can easily make these differences. It's a very enjoyable game to play. There are 4 sections in total. Have fun.

Instructions for Modern Mystery: Sometimes the places of the items are changing and some of the objects are disappearing. We need to solve this mess. Make a list of the missing items we need to do. And to walk around the rooms one by one and search for lost objects. We need to find a total of 10 lost objects. We have limited time.

Instructions for Peaceful Place: It's a very nice experience to live in this house. However, we have some problems. These problems are mainly: some objects inside the house have disappeared. These objects are important to us. But it is not easy to find them. Experienced gaming enthusiasts like you can come up to it. Have fun.

Instructions for Yesterday's Mystery: You grew up in that house and there are many memories for you in that house. These memories are just like yesterday. We started to remember some things that happened in the past. We are about to go on a time travel. This journey seems to us like yesterday. Old memories are refreshing and we have to find souvenirs.

Instructions for Turquoise House Hidden Objects: We were looking for lost items in beautiful houses, which were composed of 6 game. It's the same again this time. We will find 7 different items and 7 coins soon. The game is not much, but it is ideal for those who want to have a good time. If you love our game you can give it 5 stars and you can recommend it to your loved ones.

Instructions for The Kings Relative: Beldon is actually the king's relative, but the royal family doesn't want the big truth to be found out. Since he was a child he was sent to live on a village with other family. He was the unwanted child in the family because his mother wasn't royal blooded. Have fun.

Instructions for Purple House Hidden Objects: Purple room is still quite messy. I'm getting used to this mess. Because all these houses are very scattered. Our mission starts here. We can find hidden items and collect the house. You can also get more points by finding 7 coins. When you need help, you can use the HINT button. Have fun.

Instructions for Stones of Avalon: One can not count the number of films that have been shot and the books that were written since the fifth century when the British king actually lived. Maybe fifty or more movies are shot in the last century and dramatists still create different versions of the legend.
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