Instructions for Promise Keepers: The Brown couple is in marriage for twenty years. At the beginning of their marriage they promised themselves that for each of their wedding anniversaries they will organize romantic diner on some romantic place. This year, the wife is the main organizer of the event. She has hired a small apartment in the center of Venice with wonderful view of the city.

Instructions for Kitchen Hidden Objects: The first thing we need to do is to find the top objects. Then we'll find cookies as a bonus. We will earn more points on this count. The game consists of 4 episodes. There is also music to comfort you. You can also get help at the point you are trapped. We need to find some objects hidden in the kitchen. Good luck and have fun.

Instructions for Deserted House: He sits on a small chair leaning against the wall of the house and looks at each and every single detail of the yard that can bring some memories from the past. Instead of seeing the old and abandoned property, he now starts to see the fresh and green grass along with the beautiful flowers that his mother used to grow up.

Instructions for Gathering Hidden Objects: The houses are very old. Some items are not in place. This is something we like. Because we like to find missing items. The first step is this: We will search for the above goods in the house. We also have the stars we need to find 10. These will earn us extra points. Good luck and have fun.

Instructions for Strange Journey: The owner of the house invites our character to enter into the house and take a rest from the walking. Our character is happy because he doesn't have any other choice and the host is quite willing to have a talk. It seems that the rich owner is quite interesting man and his place looks quite interesting as well. This man has seen numerous places during his life since he has traveled a lot.

Instructions for Home Sweet Home: The longing for one's house is another. That's our goal. In this beautiful game, there are a total of 10 objects. They are standing scattered around the house. We need to collect these scattered items. You can accomplish this by using the time fairly well. All you need to do is find objects on the right side. Have fun.

Instructions for Across The Barrier: Today's game takes place somewhere is some fictional future, or perhaps it would be a real future... but that's something we can't know. In this future some creatures from another planet start occupying certain territories from the earth. This invasion seems to be quite strong and sooner or later it will occupy the whole planet.

Instructions for Stormy Nights: You put your life in danger to safe someone else. And very often those people don't even get paid enough for the reward they actually deserve. But, probably salary isn't the reason, those people decide to go to hell and back for someone else. Actually, they are the real heroes of the time. You need to have big heart and courage to work that.

Instructions for ROOMS Hidden Objects: There are a lot of things in these rooms. Moreover, the decorations of the rooms are excellent. Now our task: some objects are lost and we will find those missing objects. In this case, there are things we need to look out for. Time is important to us. We must use the time well and find 10 objects immediately. Good luck.

Instructions for Passage to Outland: Many of the people that live in Thamor believe in those stories, believe that Thamor is the only place on earth, and believe that their king is the best king in the world or at least he is the only king in the world which means that he is best for sure. He keeps them 'blind' and doesn't everything in order to keep things like that. Good luck.

Instructions for Cleaning up the Mess: All this and the smell of home she once knew has made Margareth think again of selling the house and moving back here. Taking on an old property can be exciting for those looking to create their dream home, but knowing how to go about doing it up can be challenging. Before she can start the renovation of her mother's house, she has to clean up the mess inside.

Instructions for Property Hidden Objects: This is private property. But you can walk around here with permission. However, it is quite a nice place. You will enjoy. But we have some problems. Some of our belongings were lost. We must find them immediately. For this, we need to hurry. We have to find a total of 10 items. In addition, we also need to find the stars. Have fun.

Instructions for The Palace of Flowers: Today is actually the day reserved for cleaning and Diane is all happy and enthusiastic because it is time to get rid of all unnecessary objects left in the palace and bring the place back as it should be. Let's work together with Diane and see what her job is consisted of. This would definitely be a very nice and useful experience.

Instructions for Hiddentastic Mansion: Your task in this Hidden Object game is to help Emma to collect money for the much-needed renovations. Find antiques, junk and other objects as fast as you can and sell them - the faster you are, the more money you will earn. Play through 5 exciting locations and make the old estate shine again. Have fun.

Instructions for The Old Ways: They are not scared because they are so far from the civilization but it is completely the opposite – they love being there in the mountains, taking all the advantages from it. Patrick is a member of this small community and he offers himself to be our guide through a one day tour through the community.

Instructions for Little Shop Of Treasures: Have a look around and work in the town's stores. Find the requested items for your customers and save enough money to finally make your dream come true. Hundreds of unique items are waiting to be discovered in this challenging Hidden Object game. Good luck and have fun.

Instructions for TV Studio Hidden Objects: This is the place where life flows. Do you wonder how a place? This game is for you. You ask why? We look at a TV studio, because in this game. We have some missing items. We need to find. But we are strangers here. Now we have to find our lost 10 goods. This game not only on PC, any time you can play with your mobile phone.

Instructions for The Swan River: The time they spend together is wonderful, that's why they choose to spend a lot of time together, always finding something interesting to do or somewhere to go. Their common passion is traveling to distant places, they have never visited before and many times they are prepared to take risk and go to various unknown destinations.

Instructions for Hotel Cleaning: She and her team make sure every task to be completed perfectly, taking care of every costumer. That's why they have a lot of clients and a great reputation, spreading their business all the time. With time, Sally concentrated her business on cleaning hotels. Every task is big and requires a lot of work but they are real professionals and always finish their job on time.

Instructions for Vegetables Hidden Numbers: This game looks very tasty. This is because the game is composed entirely of delicious fruits and vegetables. Some numbers are missing from these vegetables. We have to find all the hidden numbers immediately. There are a total of 10 episodes. Pause key, a return to the menu. Spend time with nice relaxing music. Good luck.

Instructions for Rescue Squad: This group of tourists wanted to visit this exotic place but no one in the group knew that precisely the area so after a while they lost themselves in the mountain. And yes, the panic started. People were wondering if someone could help them, what to do, where to go. After some time team of professionals came at the place.

Instructions for Essentials Hidden Objects: Here we are with a basic hidden object game. No difficulty in this game, have fun and enjoy. You will find 20 bonuses and 20 objects. Do not erroneous clicks if possible. Hurry up to get a high score. Found objects into shadow. We will call this shade inside. Enjoy the game, accompanied by great music.

Instructions for Polar Star: Miriam on the other hand is a very curious girl. Her curiosity has turned her into a big adventurer, leading her to different parts in the world, always searching for mysteries. Or let's say more precisely, this girl has become so obsessed with the mysteries that she decided to visit even the Antarctic, looking for that specific diamond known as the 'Polar Star.'

Instructions for Sakuma Nature Reserve: Currently Judith's job has taken her to the peninsula of Sakuma. She is here for the first time and she needs to start her exploring about the quality of the natural environment there. Judith has to find out if the conditions there are satisfying and if there is a chance the endangered species that live there to survive and perhaps to have satisfactory life.
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