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Welcome to our site, which offers you completely free and online object finding games. All of our games are focused on searching and finding, and we are sure that they will give you the best object finding game experience. Our site has a user-friendly design and does not bore you with unnecessary details. All you have to do is enjoy our games. Thanks to the category and tag system, you can find the most suitable game for you in a very short time. Our games are completely exclusive designed and we will continue to offer you the best games from now on. You can contact us about our games and share your opinions. Have fun.

Coral House

The coral color, which gives our game its name, suits the wall of a house very well. The house has a garden and is quite large. The house has 4 rooms and we will search for furniture in these rooms. What we have to do is actually very simple. Below is a list of what we need to find. According to this list, we will search for these objects in the rooms. There is one more feature that will make the game meaningful. All the letters of the word CoralHouse are hidden in the 3D picture. In this way, we will search for both objects and alphabets. At the end of the game you can find all the statistics. The fewer wrong clicks you make, the more stars you can earn.

HiddenMania Hidden Object Games

You can find the best hidden object games on our website; We hope you enjoy Html5 games that you can play without requiring Adobe Flash Player. Because we always try to provide quality content on our site. Mobile (android, ios) platforms can work on our games are both fun and instructive. Sometimes you look for a name, sometimes a lost number, but you always find it. Thank you for visiting our site that hosts the latest free online hidden object games. If you thing no download hidden games, you will find a plenty of options to choose from right here at Hiddenmania. We added new hidden object games often and you are sure to find a game that you will enjoy to play.

HiddenMania Hidden Object Games
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